Personal Training in Colchester Essex by Claudine Camp

After giving birth I needed to regain control over my life and fitness and did so with a Personal Trainer. Training increased my physical strength and helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem too. I am now fitter and healthier than before I had a baby. If I can do it so can you!

I am hugely proud to be a Level 3 Personal Trainer in Colchester. I use my personal experiences and empathy to help you get your PHIX, in body, mind, and soul.


Aside from helping you feel good, exercising regularly reduces the risk of heart ailments and high blood pressure, it improves muscle function and keeps your bones strong, and helps you manage your weight. There are no downsides!


Exercise isn’t just for your body, it’s for improving your wellbeing and mental health. There’s also a connection between exercise and the size of your prefrontal cortex, the more you move, the bigger your brain’s ‘control centre’ becomes. Exercise can physically change your mind!


Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. It increases our self-esteem and gives us a more positive self-image. Working out can increase your capability to manage stress and anxiety. Exercise for the wellbeing of your soul.

Claudine Camp Personal Trainer

My Journey

When our daughter was born after an emotional and physically demanding IVF process, my husband and I were overjoyed. I absolutely adore being a mum…but in the early years I felt a real loss of identity. I had gone from an athletic size 8 independent career woman to ‘Elodie’s Mummy’, a soft size 16, in a flash! My body, my confidence, and energy levels had completely changed after the Caesarean Section and breastfeeding.

Needing to regain control over my life I got a Personal Trainer. They took on all the planning aspects and ultimate responsibility of getting fit. Getting much-needed head space each week while burning excess energy helped to get my confidence and mental health back in shape too! With the help of my PT, and the endorphin rush from my workouts, I got back to being me. This is where the idea for PHIX Training came about – to use my personal experience and empathy to help others regain their confidence and get their PHIX, in mind, body, and soul.


PHIX online delivers up to three bespoke training programmes a month directly to your mobile device, for use either at home or in the gym. With workouts tailored to your goals, exercise techniques are clearly demonstrated on 'how to' videos, and you have a direct messaging facility for questions or support. I will also plan out your weights, sets and reps, leaving you to enjoy your training without the stress.

Workouts can be scheduled in the app's interactive calendar, and we will track your progress and celebrate your results. As you advance, I can update the reps and weights on your programme to keep you progressing - so you have your very own PT in your pocket, right by your side.

All you need to do is click the “Join Now” button to get set up. I will then contact you within 1-3 working days to talk through your goals and to help introduce you to all the features available on the PHIX app. You can choose to workout in your local gym and/or at home - your programmes will be designed according to your needs. I look forward to getting started with you!


Changing your body doesn't need to be complicated but it does take consistency and willpower to reach your goals. PHIX Personal Training sessions are 1-hour and one to one. Before commencing your sessions, you’ll have a free consultation with me to work out your SMART goals.

Using our consultation as a guide, I design your bespoke programme by identifying areas of change needed to achieve your goals and analysing your nutrition using a food diary.

fitness boosting

PHIX will help you succeed in improving your fitness with a personalised fitness and nutrition program. These tools will help you define a healthier lifestyle that works for you. I’m here to train and assist you in finding your fitness identity.

build confidence

Building your confidence as you increase your fitness is what PHIX does. Your skills get boosted by pursuing and accomplishing increasingly more demanding physical goals. Enhancing your skill set positively impacts your body image raising your confidence and self-esteem.


I keep you on track with dedicated training and constant, achievable goals. Fresh challenges and SMART goals keep you moving forward, physically and mentally, on your fitness journey. When it comes to motivation, PHIX is here to help.



One hour PT session, personalised programme and nutritional advice.


Personal Training in the comfort and

convenience of your own home


1 session £50/hr


6 sessions £47.50/hr

(total £285)


12 sessions £45/hr

(total £540)


Based on two people training

together in one home.


1 session £37.50/pp


6 sessions £35.75/pp

(total £426)


12 sessions £33.75/pp

(total £810)


Strappy Confidence

8 Sessions £47.50/HR

(£380 – Focus on Upper Body)


Own the Aisle

12 Sessions £45/HR

(£540 – Focus on Whole Body)


Drop a Dress Size

24 Sessions £42.50/HR

(£1020 – includes training twice a week for 3 months & nutritional assistance)

discover a better you

You can succeed in becoming strong, proud, and fit. Remember that I’ll be by your side to help you achieve your goals. Enter your information below and we can start your journey, just believe in the fact that you can do this.

Phix Training Phix Training